Baby Ballet (Ages 2.5 – 3)
A 45 minute creative movement class giving little ones an introduction to ballet.

Pre Dance ( Ages 3-4)
Little ones get introduced to dance movements in both ballet and tap. This is a one hour class.

Pre-Ballet-Tap ( Ages 4-5)
A fun one-hour class that introduces ballet and tap technique in both disciplines at a more comprehensive and quicker pace.

Beginning Dance Basics (Ages 6-8)
A one-hour class that reinforces the ballet and tap technique that has been taught. Introduces a little jazz technique.

Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Modern (Horton Technique)*
These classes strengthen the dancer’s technique in addition to artistic skills. Students are placed according to both age and ability level; students may be placed in class under Director and/or teacher’s discretion.

Modern (Horton Technique)
This technique stretches & strengthens the human body. Musicality and dance vocabulary are introduced.

High energy class emphasis on alignment, movement isolation, dance vocabulary & historical development.

African Dance
Dance to live traditional African drumming as you learn the basic steps and body movements of several West African dances. The history, meaning, and role of dance in traditional African society will also be explored.

Class used to express spiritual emotion through dance.

Zumba® is a latin-based workout that is fun, effective, & easy to do!

Pointe – An advanced class. Must be recommended by ballet teacher and approved by Artistic Director.

Pilates – An exercise system focused on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness, without necessarily building bulk.

Dance Dress Code
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2015 Summer Dance Schedule

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2015 Summer Dance Tuition

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Dance Tuition
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